Deborah Fellowship

Women gather together at Ruah Revival Centre every Tuesdays and pray for the Lords blessing on their families and for the nation from 11am to 1pm. It's a time good fellowship after the prayers.



For all your prayer needs call 24/7 Ruah prayer line: +91 044 68888777

Village & Hospital Ministry

A team of prayer intercessors along with few church elders and volunteers visit villages and hospitals. They apply oil on the sick and pray for them fervently. The Lord answers prayers and many people receive their healing immediately and glorify the name of the Lord.


All Night Prayer Meeting

All Night Prayer's (3rd Friday 11am - 1pm).

People with needs, Ruah prayer intercessors and elders of the church gather at Ruah Revival Center on every third Fridays and pray fervently for the Lords blessing on the people and on the nation.


Fasting Prayer

Fasting Prayer's (2nd Saturday 10.30pm - 2.00pm)

Ruah prayer intercessors and people with needs gather together Ruah Revival Center on every 2nd Saturday to fast and pray from 10.30am to 2.00pm for the needs of the people and for the Lord’s blessing on the nation.