OurVacation Bible Schoolis unlike any other VBS and that is why we call it VBC or Vacation Bible Celebration. It is held once a year during the summer holidays. At Ruah Revival Centre we train and equip the children to lead a holy life. It is a seven day of activity based teaching where children learn through the well planned VBS course curriculum.

Children from Ruah Church, kids outreach program and other children are brought together. It’s a great experience for children to be in a multi-cultured environment where they learn many new things. We also help the children to determine their spiritual gifts, calling and abilities. Our experienced and talented teachers teach the children in an effective manner. Children are taught through action songs, music, skits, mimes, videos, puppet shows and classes based on their age groups. Children are also encouraged to participate in art work, singing competitions, quiz, games, contests and many other innovative activities. Children learn more about the Living God and we equip them to live a holy life.

VBS gives a powerful impact to the children, they learn how to be disciplined, good mannered, becoming optimistic thinkers, learn new skills and gain new talents to live a righteous & holy life in this corrupted world. On the final day of the VBS, parents of all children are invited to see their children perform. Our joy is complete when we see happy parents who cherish the good changes in their children