The Teen Club is an exclusive club for the older children or young youth ie children between the age of 13 to 19. Our teens take part in various spiritual activities organized by the children's ministry team of the Ruah Revival centre every Saturday evening after the Kids Church. Teens are taught the word of God from a perspective which they can relate to. During this initial stage of becoming a youth they have lots of doubts and questions. Well experienced teachers teach them the right solutions based on the Bible. They learn more about the Living God who created them, how to know the will of God for their lives, what is right and wrong, how to overcome temptations and the things they have to do when they face a new challenge in their life etc. Thus they grow up stronger in holiness, with clarity in thought, confident and with the right attitude to face all the challenges in their life. These teens grow up to be responsible, cheerful and successful citizens in their future.