To Bring Revival to individuals, families, churches & Nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.


    To lead the people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, word, works of the Holy Spirit By signs & Wonders and Prayer.


    • To do everything in agreement with the Word of God, for the Glory of His Name.
    • To Raise an end time army of true worshipers into an intimate relationship with God.
    • Liberating the captives bound in chains to experience complete freedom in Spirit, Soul and Body through the Holy Spirit.
    • Our unshakable faith is rooted in God's Vision however big it may be.
    • We strive to build the kingdom of God through love and not to break through criticism.
    • A heart of compassion for people both inside and outside the church.
    • Unquenchable passion to win precious souls for Christ, at any cost.
    • Open heartedly welcome everyone into the kingdom of God irrespective of who they are.
    • To Exhibit integrity with every resource God has bestowed upon us.
    • Spirit of Excellence in everything and anything we do.
    • Encourage and empower every believer to know their calling and serve God.
    • Work together in harmony to serve the sole purpose, the body of Christ is called for.

    Ruah Ministries is a non profit religious and charitable organization click here for more details.